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About the firm

Legal Atelier is a team of professionals led by Michał Kaczor, attorney-at-law. We provide a complete range of legal services for business clients and handle cases in the practice areas we specialise in. Thanks to our experience, our clients receive top-class legal assistance and advice.

Our primary specialty area is intellectual property and the defence of a public image in the media. We use our specific expertise to help many persons and companies whose everyday work is based on creativity or recognisability.

Another of our firm’s key practice areas is legal services for business. As part of this specialism, we develop corporate articles and policies, handle transformation processes, the merger and division of companies and represent clients in litigation between companies and shareholders.

The third important Legal Atelier practice area is legal services for the healthcare industry and life science market, both of which have recently rapidly boomed as sectors of the economy. We assist businesses in navigating the murky waters of medical law and help to enforce the rights of medical professionals and patients.

We look forward to facing new challenges and taking on ambitious projects and goals. We are always looking for like-minded professionals – attorneys, tax advisers, certified auditors or sworn translators – who would be keen to join our team.

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.