Polska wersja
Al. Wilanowska 115/1
02-765 Warszawa

Intellectual property


  • Legal services for the media and creative sectors
  • Legal support for artists and authors
  • Copyright litigation and recovery of claims related to infringements of copyrights
  • Drafting of copyright assignment and licence contracts
  • Copyright audits

Image protection

  • Services for advertisement and fashion business
  • Development of rules and contracts related to the use of an image
  • Image protection services and legal services for models, celebrities and public figures
  • Representation in litigation concerning the infringement of image and personality rights

Industrial property

  • Trade mark registration
  • Industrial properly rights transactions
  • Enforcement and defence of industrial property rights
  • Representation before the Polish Patent Office and courts

Unfair competition

  • Defence against unfair competition
  • Representation in unfair competition litigation
  • Use of trade marks in competition disputes
  • Defence of business secrets and know-how